Participation costs

  • For students from Erasmus + programmes countries(1) : 1200 euros/semester
  • For students from the Erasmus + partner countries(2) : 2000 euros/semester

Important :

Master candidates can apply for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship from the European Commission (see below). This scholarship covers tuition, living expenses and transportation for both years. Applications for Erasmus Mundus scholarships are submitted during the Master's application, between the 15th November 2019 and 15th February 2020.

(1) : Erasmus + programme countries pays programmes correspond to the 28 partner countries of the European Union + Iceland, Norway, Turkey, Serbia, Liechtenstein, and Northern Macedonia.
(2) : Erasmus + partner countries correspond to all other countries.
For more information on Erasmus + country eligibility, see the dedicated page on the European Commission's website.

Funding: Many scholarships available

Erasmus Mundus scholarship

MITRA applicants can apply for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship from the European Commission. This scholarship will cover tuition fees, daily and transport expenses for the two years of study.

When applying for MITRA, candidates are invited to apply for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship from the European Commission (limited number of scholarships). This application could not be accepted for a student who has already used a similar scholarship.
This scholarship consists of an annual installation payment as well as a monthly payment: 


Important :

  • Erasmus Mundus scholarship students are exempt from the registration fees indicated at the top of the page.
  • This Erasmus Mundus scholarship is usually accompanied by health and liability insurance covered by the programme.
  • The amounts received will be fixed throughout the duration of the master (4 semesters).
* Amount varies according to the distance (Lille - country of residence) and the student's resources.** This allowance is not paid when the scholarship student (for reasons of study, research, internship, etc.) returns to his or her country of origin or residence.


Erasmus + scholarship 

Admitted students can obtain an Erasmus + scholarship for a one-semester mobility in one of the partner universities in Europe. Granted by the European Union, this allowance ranges from €170 to €270 per month depending on the country of destination.
In 2018/2019, the amounts were as follows:


  • This scholarship can be combined with other scholarships:
    • The regional scolarship called "Mermoz"
    • or with the International Mobility Assistance (IMA)
  • To apply for the Erasmus + scholarship, it is necessary to first contact the international relations department of your component/faculty. The rest of the steps will be done online via the Digital Working Environment.
  • Amounts may vary from year to year.
  • More information about the Erasmus + scholarship can be found on the International Relations website : "finance my mobility".

Regional scolarship 

The Regional Council of Hauts-de-France provides some students with a mobility grant: the Mermoz grant. It is awarded according to the following criteria:
  • Under means-tested conditions: the amount of the grant is calculated according to the family quotient.
  • Residence requirement: it is necessary to be a resident of the Hauts-de-France.
  • Depending on the country of destination: all countries are eligible except the French overseas departments and territories, the principality of Monaco and Andorra.
Its amount varies according to the case and can amount to up to 400 euros per month. Eligible students and scholarships based on social criteria receive an additional contribution of around 300 euros towards travel expenses.

Students may also apply for this scholarship in the case of an internship mobility or a research stay. However, a student may only benefit from Mermoz regional international mobility assistance once (internship, study stay) even if the maximum duration of 26 weeks has not been reached.


International Mobility Assistance (AMI)

This scholarship is only for students who are already awarded scholarships on social criteria. It is awarded for abroad study periods or internships

This assistance may be paid several times up to a total of 9 cumulative months (e.g. 6 months of mobility and 3 months of internship). 

For the academic year 2019/2020, its amount was 400 euros per month. Depending on the student's resources, this amount can be allocated for up to 9 months. At least, it is granted for 2 months (even if the mobility exceeds this period).

Detailed information (in French)
Find out more about the scolarship on social criteria (in French)

Moblilex scolarship

The mobility grants called Moblilex are administered subject to validation by the Board of Directors of the University of Lille. The objective of the scheme is to support, on the basis of project excellence, the international mobility of students from the University of Lille and its partner universities.

MITRA students are eligible for this scholarship during their mobility for semester 3.

More information in English
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