Webinars in collaboration with the Master MITRA

During the academic year 2021-2022, blank year for the new MITRA promotion, scientific activities were conducted, including webinars held from October 2021 to May 2022. These webinars have been recorded and are available on our Facebook page.
25 OCTOBER 2021
NARRAU is a third sector research actor involved in territorialized research and societal innovation activities. Founded by Anaïs Trousselle and Itane Lacampre-Camus. Anaïs Trousselle, PhD in geography and agri-development engineer, spoke during this webinar.

- Scientific research at the service of social issues
"Introduction to migration dynamics - Issues and challenges in Europe"

This webinar will focus on migration phenomena, which are constantly being reconstructed, and will look at Europe in the age of migration, as well as at the mechanisms put in place by the European Union.
17 NOVEMBER 2021
Audrey Célestine is a lecturer at the University of Lille, and co-director of the MITRA Master's degree. Her presentation is part of the MIGRINDOM research project, which focuses on migration in the French overseas territories.
Link to the project:https://migrindom.hypotheses.org/

Audrey Célestine - Presentation of the MIGRINDOM project
"Internal migrants. Governance and collective trajectories of migrants from the French overseas departments".

The objective of the seminar is to present research on migration in the French overseas territories. It will also focus on the post-colonial dimension of these migrations. One of the hypotheses of the project is that the organisation of migration in these territories has been a tool used by the public authorities.
The University of Szeged is a member of the MITRA Consortium and offers students a course of study primarily in Law and European Studies.

Institute of International and Regional Studies - Faculty of Law and Political Science
"The Law of Foreigners, the Law of the Foreigner - Analysis of Legal Perspectives through Case Studies"

Through case studies presented by MITRA students, the aim is to analyse the perspectives of the development of the law on foreigners and the law of foreigners. The analysis is based on increasingly complex and sometimes contradictory legal frameworks. It also allows us to report on particular facts characterising, in a general way, contemporary migrations and sheds light on the public policies that seek to regulate them.
25 JANUARY 2022
JiwNit is an association created in 2016 by Sahad Sarr, a Senegalese pan-African artist committed to the question of the place of youth in Senegal and to the decolonisation of Africa-Europe relations at the cultural, artistic and social levels, but also in the vision of Development.
"Appropriating tools for dialogue in intercultural contexts: the example of the Kamyaak eco-village project"

The aim of this scientific event is to discover an example of a local development project in Senegal that deconstructs the Western model applied to local realities: the village of Kamyaak. This intervention also seeks to exchange on the very question of interculturality and the intercultural project, while decolonising knowledge.
21 MARCH 2022
The Université Libre de Bruxelles is one of the member universities of the MITRA consortium. Three researchers will participate in this webinar: Kostia Lennes (PhD student at ULB), Fiona-Katharina Seiger (post-doctoral fellow at the University of Rotterdam) and Pataya Ruenkaew (independent researcher).

"Migration research methods in the time of COVID-19 pandemic: challenges and strategies"

This scientific event focuses on research in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic. While traditional research methods are becoming difficult to implement in the face of various health restrictions, the aim is to analyse the strategies and methodologies put in place by different researchers.
26 APRIL 2022
MAWON is an association founded in 2009 by Mélanie Montinard (France) and Robert Montinard (Haiti), two years after their arrival in Brazil. The Franco-Haitian couple has a career in international cooperation between Haiti and Brazil and has extensive experience in the field of migration.
Link to the association: https://www.mawon.com.br/

"Role of CSOs in supporting the reception and integration of migrants in Rio de Janeiro"

MAWON, was part of the actors of the associative world, interested in the migration experience. This webinar is an opportunity to discuss the relationship between migration, diasporas and associationism as well as the specific case of Haitians in Brazil. In addition, the role of NGOs and associations in the reception and integration of migrants in Brazil should also be analysed.
25 and 26 MAY 2022
The University of Worclaw is one of the member universities of the MITRA consortium and offers a semester focused on Cultural Sociology. For this conference, in cooperation with Purdue University (Indianapolis), the University proposes to discuss Culture and Communication.

University of Wroclaw (Institute of Sociology) and Indianapolis Purdue University (IUPUI)
"Communication and Culture"

The 22nd annual two-day international conference on Culture and Communication. Topics include linking communication to politics, migration and migration integration policies, and film.
26 and 27 MAY 2022
The COAFRO Congress is organised by several actors including the Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca (Romania), one of the member universities of the MITRA consortium and which offers a semester of Comparative European Studies.

Interdisciplinary Congress on African Studies

First edition of the Interdisciplinary Congress of African Studies, which aims to bring together specialists in African Studies to analyse the political transformations in Africa and the societal dynamics of the continent. The scientific event is interdisciplinary, and disciplines such as literature, sociology, history, international relations and political science are represented.
31 MAY 2022
The Workshop is organised by the BELMIX research team (FNRS PDR project), of which Asuncion Fresnoza-Flot, head of the MITRA Master's programme for the English-speaking section (ULB), is a member. Research website: https://belmix.net/

BELMIX Workshop
"Situated mixedness: Understanding intimate diversity in contemporary Belgium

In recent years, Belgium has witnessed an increase in the phenomenon of mixed marriage, involving Belgian citizens and people from outside the European Union. In order to understand this phenomenon, it is necessary to situate it within broader social processes and multi-level contexts. This paper presents a number of case studies on marital mixing, some of which present the empirical results of an ongoing study on Belgian-Asian couples.

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